Crime Category Comments
Grand total of recorded crimes all recorded crimes but excludes traffic offences and petty crimes
Assaults in Malta, assault is composed of: bodily harm, domestic violence, general bodily harm, threats and private violence, violence against public officer
Automobile theft thefts of vehicle
Bribery crimes in Malta, bribery is composed of: malversation (corruption) by public officer
Burglaries (domestic and commercial) in Malta, burglary is composed of: theft from bars/hotels, theft from factories, theft from residence, and theft from retail outlets
Drug offenses refers to drug cultivation, possession and trafficking
Frauds fraudulent acquisition of other personís property
Intentional homicide, attempted attempt to cause deliberate death including infanticide
Intentional homicide, completed deliberate death including infanticide
Rapes Maltaís data is normally recorded as sexual offences not rapes, however research showed that rapes are reported at hospital and police then act on these reports. Data from Malta Today (2002) indicates that there were 30 cases of alleged rape and attempted rape in 2000 as reported at one hospital. Rape in Malta is designated as full penetration. Recent police data shows that of the 30 cases reported in 2000, 13 were listed in the PIRS as rape.
Robberies in Malta, robbery is composed of: hold-up, pick-pocketing, snatch and grab
Thefts in Malta, theft is composed of: general theft, theft from beaches, theft from seacraft, theft from vehicle, theft of seacraft